Bespoke Interior Design in Nice by L&ME.

Optimize the layout of your interior in Nice to free up space! L&ME offers a comprehensive interior design service in Nice, aiming to efficiently optimize your spaces while maintaining a modern and elegant style.


Three steps to your project



We use advanced software to optimize your spaces, offering customized solutions tailored to your needs, visualized in 3D plans.



Our custom-made furniture is crafted in collaboration with professionals with exceptional expertise, ensuring quality and durability.


Delivery & Installation

L&ME takes care of the installation and maintenance of your interior fittings in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region.

General contracting company in Nice

Graduated with a Master’s degree from a business school, specializing in Management and completed through an apprenticeship at a construction company as a business manager, I have decided to enhance my skills by pursuing training in interior design. This career evolution specifically targets the planning and arrangement of interiors, a key skill to address the specific needs of the dynamic real estate market on the French Riviera.

Today, based in Nice, I rely on a team of highly skilled professionals to offer a wide range of customized services. Our mission is to transform living and working spaces into aesthetic, functional, and personalized environments tailored to the unique lifestyle of the French Riviera. Our services encompass all essential elements of the design and execution of interior design projects, always with a particular focus on the details and requirements of our clients in Nice.


Arrange and decorate your walls in Nice.

L&ME, located in the heart of Nice, specializes in transforming your apartment or house into a unique and bespoke haven of life. Our philosophy revolves around three essential pillars: aesthetics, functionality, and personalization, shaping interior spaces that embody your style and cater to your desires. In Nice, where architecture and lifestyle have their own distinctive character, each space holds its unique potential. Our interior designers, experts in the field, collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your needs and aspirations. Whether designing a contemporary and functional kitchen, an elegant and welcoming living room, or a soothing and balanced bedroom, our team has the expertise and creativity to bring your dreams to life. By integrating the elegance and charm of Nice into every project, we ensure that your interior is not only beautiful but also a true extension of your personality.

Space Customization.

We offer personalized solutions such as custom wardrobes, incorporating storage, shelves, and lighting tailored to your needs and preferences.

Arrange and decorate your walls in Saint-Raphaël/Fréjus.

Maximize wall space with floating shelves, hooks, and wall storage for efficient and aesthetic organization.


Space Planning Specialist in Saint-Raphaël / Fréjus.

Passionate professionals.

At L&ME, we collaborate with passionate specialists to provide a variety of layout solutions, combining different materials for a result that is both functional and decorative.

Endless possibilities.

We offer a wide range of custom furniture and wardrobes, adaptable to your needs. Our solutions include wall beds and various storage modules, perfectly fitting into your interior.

Revamp your spaces, reinventing everything.

Draw inspiration from our latest projects in Nice to transform your living space according to your dreams and needs.

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