Bunk Beds for Children

Bunk Beds with Folding Mechanism - Jéna

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This folding bunk bed Jéna Chalet will easily fit into your children’s bedroom. Once folded, this bunk bed takes up no more space than a wardrobe! Your children can play and enjoy their room, even if they share it with someone else.

Dimensions : 202,4cm x 35cm x 191,6cm.

Your folding bunk beds are customizable!

You can choose your front panel color

You can choose the color of your wall beds for a unique design; we have over 300 colors available!


You can opt for an ultra-comfortable mattress! (optional)

We can provide you with our special wall bed mattresses for a complete service and finished product! Our mattresses are designed in France and are 24 cm thick.

Add storage around your wall bed! (optional)

To further optimize your space, you can add storage such as bookshelves and wardrobes around your wall bed.

Delivery and installation of your furniture are provided by us!

Customize your folding bunk beds!

We offer you the choice of the color of the carcass and that of the panels of the beds. So, you can choose between a versatile white, a warm natural oak, and a sober Arizona gray oak. This way, you can combine the colors and get a folding bunk bed that will harmoniously blend into your interior.

Our priority: safety.

We always ensure during the manufacturing of the folding bunk bed that all safety elements are securely fixed. We conduct rigorous quality control before shipping the double bed, and we strongly recommend hiring a professional to properly attach the bed to the wall in your children’s room. The bed is also equipped with safety barriers, 2 mattress stops, and a ladder complying with EU standards.

Jena: a practical and comfortable bunk bed.

You can customize the Jena bed, also designed for daily use. It is equipped with reinforced beech wood slats and a stainless steel gas piston mechanism. The bunk bed is fitted with adjustable removable feet synchronized with the opening and closing of the bed.

Compatibility of mattress thickness depends on the chosen depth of the bed.

Firstly, the mattress must be compatible with our mechanism. Secondly, the mattress must weigh a minimum of 18kg. We’re not talking about density per m3 but the total weight of the mattress. For example, if it’s too light, the panel will open and go into safety position. If the mattress is too heavy, it will weigh down the front panel, and if it’s too thick, the front panel won’t close. In summary, the mattress should not be too light or too heavy as it would cause damage to the bed. That’s why we recommend purchasing our mattresses.

Where are the furniture manufactured?

Our furniture is made in our 250m² workshop in Cannes. We are equipped with the latest generation of machinery for machining your made-to-measure furniture and a team of qualified joiners. All these skills enable us to offer you quality furniture and to manufacture unique pieces for your interiors.

What is the lead time?

Generally, the time between placing an order and the manufacture and installation of your furniture is 4 to 5 weeks. These times do not apply to the Christmas and summer periods.

What about delivery and installation?

Delivery and installation is carried out by us and a team of professionals.

Are beds and furniture guaranteed?

The bed mechanisms are guaranteed for 2 years and our hinges and hardware are guaranteed for 5 years. Our mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee.

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